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Twin Cities Rush Soccer Club

Program Overview

The purpose of the NPL +  is to provide a next level competitive environment for those who want additional training, want to travel and compete at a high level event. NPL+ is open to all NPL players born between 2008 - 2005 in addition to other selected high level players within the Rush system. Our goal for the first year is to make the following teams. 

  • 2008/2007 (1-2 teams per gender, maximum of 16 players per roster) 

  • 2006/2005  (1-2 teams per gender, maximum of 16 players per roster) 

Rosters will be created based on ability, skill, position, and availability. Depending on interest level, we may take the first couple training sessions to sort out the rosters. This program will run in addition to current teams. Your player would be following their regular season team schedule and then this program will supplement it as extra. 

Important Information and Dates

  • Training will run for 1 hour on 10 Sundays between November 28-Feb 13 (not training on Nov. 28, Dec. 26, Jan. 2). 

  • Our goal will be to find each team 1-2 friendly games before heading to the selected Showcase Event. 

  • We have selected the President’s Day Showcase in Phoenix, Arizona as our Event: February 18-21, 2022

  • The National Rush Select teams will also be attending this event which will give our players the opportunity to interact with Rush Select teams.


The cost of the program is $500 per player which will cover the following costs: 

  • Training space in Dome or Sports Hall 

  • Coach

  •  Coaches Travel

  • Tournament fee

  • 1 Friendly Game 

  • Capellli Uniform Top 

*This program will travel the Rush Way. The Rush way to travel includes; team flight, team vans, team hotels. Costs for Rush Way travel will be forthcoming. It is important to note that the club will not be making any profit on this program. The sole purpose of this program is to continue to push players to the next level while covering all our expenses. The goal of Rush Way Travel is to prepare players for higher levels and create more independent players.


Registration coming soon!

Program Contact

Bob Mulligan
Director of Coaching
[email protected]

Interest Form

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This program is invite only


1700 105th Ave NE 
Blaine, Minnesota 55449

Phone: 763-717-3888


Monday - Friday: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm